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Getting a high APY is very interesting, but are you aware that there will always be a high risk due to this? Nobody will guarantee you will make more than 20% in the long run, Lasse Clausen said. Yield Farming can provide incentives for the use of protocols for the short term, but a successful protocol, depending on the builder and users who remain on the Platform for the long term. Currently there are too many Defi projects promising high interest but only for the short term and this risk is very high the occurrence of massive price drops. Another problem lies in the Smart contract or Protocol that often occurs in some DeFi projects such as big issues that tokens can be requested, low security and big cases such as bZx Protocol.

On YFUNI, We provide extraordinary experiences for communities that join the ecosystem we have created. Guarantee security in contracts and offer retention balances at competitive rates. All you have to do is move quickly and get involved with what you want. The ecosystem is accessible and available to everyone because of its ease of use. Its features are simple but functional to enable those with no experience to access and use it.


YFUNI (YFUNI) is a decentralized financial (DeFi) platform centered on a Single Place that allows users to easily gain much-needed access. YFUNI claimed powers a decentralized saving and multi-level interest generation protocol built on Ethereum and the ecosystem can well guarantee Equality, Equity and Security for users in staking Cryptocurrency assets.

YFUNI providers access such as Staking, Farming, Vault, Barter, Borrow and Mortgage safely allow users to interact directly with our ecosystem.

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Total Supply: 30,000 YFUNI (100%)

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$YFUNI is a Yearn Inspired. Next-gen suite of products for revolutionizes Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure.