YFUNI Finance first MVP Launch : uEarn

We are glad to announce that first MVP of YFUNI Finance called uEarn has launched now First MVP : uEarn Platform

YFUNI Finance has launch staking incentives on Binance Smart Chain, uEarn already launching first liquidity mining incentives for UNICORN Token, YFUNI Token, BSC Starter and GoSwapp on the Binance Smart Chain version of the Pancake Swap.

We are very pleased to announce that BSC Starter and Go Swapp are among the first projects Partner that will be supported by Liquidity mining on the uEarn Platform for START/BNB and GOFI/BNB on Pancake Swap.

uEarn Platform liquidity mining pool is LIVE NOW

Here is uEarn Mining-Pool Details


  • APY 396% (Stable)


  • YFUNI/BNB Pool
  • APY 246%


  • START/BNB Pool
  • APY 179% (Stable)

GoSwapp $GOFI

  • GOFI/BNB Pool
  • APY 128% (Stable)

Simple Step, Example:
1. $START/BNB Pool
2. Add liquidity $START+ $BNB
3. Received LP Token Pancakeswap
4. Participate on Pool in our website v1 ; yfuni.finance/uEarn
5. Pick Pool $START/BNB and Choose Period 365 days
6. Earn YFUNI Token
- everyone can claim and unstake after 1 Day Join Pool

All pools will be rewarded with YFUNI Tokens ( Claim Reward and Unstake) will be charge 2.5%-5% from all pools and will be used for Buyback and Burn

The newest and exciting pool calculations are coming soon on uEarn V2

Article uEarn MVP Auditor Partnership

Article uEarn Mining-Pool Partnership

uEarn Audit Report by QuillAudits : https://yfuni.finance/uEarn-audit.pdf

YFUNI Finance

YFUNI is a Yearn Inspired, next-gen suite of products that revolutionizes the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure. YFUNI Finance aims to provide new-innovation via yield farming aggregation, lending aggregation, crypto banking investment, all on the Binance Smart Chain. We have designed it to allow users to access the best yields available within the YFUNI Ecosystem and DeFi market.‌




$YFUNI is a Yearn Inspired. Next-gen suite of products for revolutionizes Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure.

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YFUNI Finance

YFUNI Finance

$YFUNI is a Yearn Inspired. Next-gen suite of products for revolutionizes Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure.

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