YFUNI Finance : uEarn Audit Report by QuillAudits

Dear community, We are glad to announce that first MVP of YFUNI Finance called uEarn has passed smart contract security audit by QuillAudits, that means yfuni.finance is the SECURE project on Binance Smart Chain that has been audited by 3rd party professional company.

uEarn — Simple and Secure

uEarn Audit Report by QuillAudits : https://yfuni.finance/uEarn-audit.pdf

Overall, the smart contracts are adhered to BEP-20 guidelines. Several issues of medium and low severity were found during the audit. There were no critical or major issues found that can break the intended behaviour. All the medium and few low priority issues were fixed by the team.

Article uEarn MVP Auditor Partnership

Article uEarn Mining-Pool Partnership

About QuillAudits

Smart Contracts Auditing Services, DeFi Safety Audits, Cybersecurity Solutions For Blockchain & Crypto Products

Quillhash is a pioneer in building the custom decentralised ecosystem for enterprises and startups. With Our industry rich experience, you can leverage blockchain technology to deploy and secure your business by harnessing the power of Decentralized Technology.

YFUNI Finance

YFUNI is a Yearn Inspired, next-gen suite of products that revolutionizes the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure. YFUNI Finance aims to provide new-innovation via yield farming aggregation, lending aggregation, crypto banking investment, all on the Binance Smart Chain. We have designed it to allow users to access the best yields available within the YFUNI Ecosystem and DeFi market.‌




$YFUNI is a Yearn Inspired. Next-gen suite of products for revolutionizes Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure.

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YFUNI Finance

YFUNI Finance

$YFUNI is a Yearn Inspired. Next-gen suite of products for revolutionizes Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure.

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